Noni has improved blood pressure and more . . .
I have been using your Organic Noni Juice now for nearly four months. (Prior to that, while travelling in the USA, I had been using various Noni juices where they were available. Some of these had sweeteners added in the form of berry juice and such like.)

As I have mentioned before, Noni juice straight is definitely an acquired taste, but I have persisted for the sake of giving it a good trial and for the benefit of my health.  Among the benefits I have noticed are good effects on my blood pressure, my digestive system and my allergies. The blood pressure has lowered significantly, although I still have some way to go before dispensing with medication. I find my intestinal health is much improved from a close to “irritible bowel syndrome” to just having to be very careful with what I eat. This is a definite blessing. My skin allergies and asthma also seem to be improving, once again, a ways to go before throwing away my conventional medicine.

Generally I have noticed a good increase in general energy and activity level. Surprisingly, I am growing to like the taste of Noni and I drink it straight!  I would not start my day without it anymore. I do expect further improvement over the next few months and am so glad I found your product on ebay.

Jennifer | WA

Noni reduces symptoms of depression . . .
Noni Juice is an integral role in keeping our family healthy. Two members of our family have been suffering from depression and we have found your Noni Juice to significantly reduce symptoms of this condition. We recommend your product to our family, friends and clients.

Brendan | QLD

Noni eases pain . . .
I have been drinking Noni juice for about 6 months and I value the benefits a lot. I used to have very slow bowel movements but when I started to take Noni, it improved straitght away and I don’t feel bloated any more. I also have a stiff and sore back and Noni has eased the pain for me.

I am sure there are a lot more benefits in Noni but these are the benefits I’ve noticed straight away. Thankyou for supplying me with Noni juice and I will order the next lot soon again.

Keiko | QLD